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Chase Beranek - Chasersaser Surplus

Phone: 970-631-2952



About Chase of Chasersaser Surplus

My name is Chase Beranek and I am currently 19 years old and have a few businesses in which I'm very passionate about because I get to make people happy by fulfilling their various needs!

I currently am a licensed real estate agent at Windermere Real Estate as well as the owner of a few other businesses including consignment deals that I take on with big automation electrical companies to sell parts that they were previously throwing away and homeowners with too many clothes that they know what to do with! I got into this because of my fiery passion for entrepreneurship which has driven me to be the best at every business I commit to. Using my eBay store which has been built up since 2016 as well as my other stores on other platforms paired with my knowledge and expertise on reselling you can be rest assured that I will do all of the work and you will start receiving payment for your old clothes.

I understand how to move product fast online and I would absolutely love to help you donate or find someone across the world who wants your old clothing. Consignment is not only simple but a mutual partnership so communication and overall positive experience for my clients will always be my top priority.

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