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From Chaos to Clarity: How to Tackle Garage Organization After Smoke Damage Cleanup

This particular garage got a little out of control when our clients had to mitigate extensive smoke damage. Everything was taken away to be cleaned and upon the items being returned just got kind of dumped in the space.

There really wasn't a lot of stuff in the space, but it still required our client's engagement in the process. We probably spent more time unwrapping all of the plastic film that was part of the cleaning process than anything else.

We didn't have to contend with a lot of garbage. The bags in the center of the garage in one of the after photos were actually filled with moving blankets that needed to be returned to the company that moved everything back into the house. And there were just a few donations including a dresser that we tried to take to a local donation center but for whatever reason they wouldn't accept it, so despite how challenging it is sometimes to use Facebook Marketplace because of scammers (even when something is being given away for free...sigh) or people don't actually come to claim the item, we took it to the curb and left it for the person who claimed it to pick it up.

Biggest Tips and Takeaways:

  • Use scissors instead of a box cutter or a knife to get all of the plastic wrap off things that have multiple layers of wrap. They simply work better.

  • If you are dealing with insurance claims, make sure anything that got damaged as a result of the move out/in process is fully documented.

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