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So you still have some questions about working with It's Just Stuff as a home organizing or move management client? Below are some common ones that may give you the answers you need, but if you need additional information be sure to fill out our intake form by clicking HERE .

What is the IJS process for working with a new home organizing or move management client?

  • We generally request that we schedule a 30 minute free virtual consultation to make sure that your needs match our expertise, but also to get more details about the project as well as see if there might be any issues or obstacles especially ones that need to be addressed up front. Most clients find this to be a very comforting way to make sure It's Just Stuff will be a good fit. Sometimes a client just doesn't feel a connection and that's ok...the most important thing is to make sure there is a complete understanding of the goals and budget.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?


  • Our founder, Beth Blacker has a degree in communications from the University of Michigan that she has used throughout her professional career in a variety of roles and industries and prides herself on how well she connects with people and provides excellent customer service. Her training with respect to home organizing and move management comes from a lifetime of creating systems to contain and maintain order. t She has a great amount of empathy and compassion especially for any organizing and move management client struggling with executive functioning. There is no doubt that helping people who are feeling overwhelmed by "stuff" requires understanding that the true source is usually a result of internal clutter which then becomes external clutter and Beth is constantly educating herself on the latest information regarding all of the moving parts to being in this profession as well as engaging with other professional organizers and move management specialists literally around the world to discuss trends, challenging situations, etc.   

  • With regard to meal prep, Beth was certified in culinary arts through the New York Restaurant School right out of college and went to work in the industry in NYC for many years before starting several of her own ventures through the years that kept her engaged in the food world including a catering and event planning business, gourmet gift baskets and a baked goods company that truly launched her into the entrepreneurial community in 2010 just as social media was taking off and she received a tremendous amount of recognition and credibility online that ultimately led her to transition to Colorado.

  • Bottom line, Beth and #TeamIJS all have a natural desire for there to be less chaos and more order in our homes.


What types of customers have you worked with to help with executive functioning?

  • A lot of our clients just need the extra set of eyes, ears and hands on their specific organizing pain points but some are truly struggling with financial, mental and physical issues and need a lot more TLC. So the jobs run the gamut from simple closet or pantry purges and re-organizing to full blown hoarders. We do sometimes request if anyone is working with a therapist or other mental health professional or coach that we become part of your wellness management "team" so that all of the dots stay connected.

What are the most important questions a new client should be asking themselves if hiring a professional organizer?


  • Make sure you know what your true goals are as well as how much time, energy and money you are willing to invest. Hiring a professional is, in our opinion, just as personal as hiring a therapist. We need to know the best way to help you, but that does require exposing your weaknesses to some degree. 

  • Don't be afraid, don't be embarrassed but if the professional you do end up hiring makes you feel either of those things, you hired the wrong person. 

  • It takes a significant amount of energy, intensity and compassion to help set up any client for success moving forward but do not hire an organizer that I am an extremely high energy person but I do my best to dial it down to match the energy of a client within reason of course. I still want to get the job done as efficiently and quickly as possible.


What other questions should you think through before hiring us?


  • How engaged are you willing to be?

  • Do you plan to work side by side with us or let us just "do our thing"?

  • What is your budget? 

  • What is your timeline? 

  • What are your ultimate goals?

How much do the various services cost?


Home Organizing and Move Management 


  • Most projects start @ $80/hr for each Project Lead and each additional Project Helper is either $55/hr (depending on the project)

  • A 3-hour minimum is required for every session scheduled within a certain geographical area. 




  • Daily rates start @ $60/day but will depend on what is required beyond the typical responsibilities for taking care of a house or pet while you are away.


Personal Concierge/Virtual Assistant


  • Starts @ $50/hr 


How long will it take to organize my space?

The answer is..."It depends."

Yeah, pretty vague but the reality is it really does depend on the size of the space, how much decluttering and sorting will need to take place before we can even begin to organize it, how engaged you will be and, of course, how emotional the process may be for you. 

In general, though, you can refer to this list...

The ranges are rather large but again, having a virtual consult is critical to help set the proper expectations.

For more information and to schedule a FREE 30 minute virtual consultation please fill out our contact form by clicking this link:


Do you offer any special discounts or financial consideration for home organizing and move management?


  • For anyone struggling financially please do not hesitate to let us know that is a barrier for being able to provide our services. We really do believe that for many people this really is a necessity and not a luxury and we are constantly working with our local partners to sponsor clients. If you are interested in getting more information, please fill out our intake form and provide us with as much detail about your specific situation as possible so we can work to find financial assistance for you.

Do you travel to clients outside of the Colorado Front Range?

Yes!!! Currently, we can travel up to 2 hours from Denver/Boulder for most projects in a day but if it requires more than 8 hours, overnight accommodations and travel time will be charged accordingly. In addition, we do routinely travel anywhere in Colorado as well as Salt Lake, UT, Ventura County and most of the Bay Area, CA, Metro Detroit/Ann Arbor, MI, New York City and Westchester County, NY and most of South Florida (as far north as Palm Beach and as far south as Ft. Lauderdale/Weston). If you live in an area/state not listed please fill out the CONTACT US form to determine if we can accommodate your needs. 

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