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Welcome to the IJS Partners and Resource Page!

After years of networking and community outreach all along the Colorado Front Range,

in addition to a significant amount of social engagement online,

I have amassed quite the "Rolodex"/CRM filled with

business owners, clinicians, nonprofits, and other related services

that truly do complement the services It's Just Stuff provides to our clients

as well as support our mission to be as we like to say,

"your conduits for change from chaos to calm".

We are currently working on getting all of these incredible resources uploaded

and cannot wait to share them very soon. 

In the meantime, if you think you are, in fact, providing a related service 

and are interested in a FREE listing on this page 

please CLICK HERE (or the button) and fill out the intake form to start the process. 

With respect to It's Just Stuff's role as "your conduit for change"

it isn't just about organizing closets, drawers and cabinets

or packing and unpacking a bazillion boxes.

We believe that there are circumstances in life that are simply beyond our control

that do lead to the chaos that we are hired to contain for our clients including helping...

a domestic abuse victim pack up and get away from her abuser as quickly as possible

(feel free to click here for the story...yes, it will break your heart but warm it at the same time)


a single mom making minimum wage trying to balance so much on her own and suffers from extreme ADHD


an elderly man who spiraled into a deep depression when his wife of 65 years passed away

leaving him to do all the things he never had to do before and we connected him with several senior care resources

Bottom line, it really does take a village to get through life so I hope you will find this page beneficial. 


Chief of Chaos To Calm @ IJS


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