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Read what our clients are saying about us.

Lydia C.

We recently moved to the Denver/Boulder area after 25 years living in DC and Hawaii and 21 years married! As you can imagine, we also had that many years of STUFF! It was even more concerning that we had several boxes from previous moves that had never even been unpacked. When I saw Beth’s business name, I knew she was the perfect partner in decluttering! She has been all that I hoped for and better than I could have prayed for. Beth helped us get all of our main boxes opened, sorted, organized and put away in places that actually make sense! She provided us with suggestions for our pantry that ultimately more than doubled the amount of usable space we had available there. She gave suggestions to help us make smart rather than solely emotional decisions about what to keep, what to donate and what to discard that have helped us create a space filled with pieces we cherish, and rid ourselves of the other “stuff.” I don’t even have my before pics, but just know we had more than double the books you see on the shelves in my office now, and Beth helped this book lover only keep the books that we really love and need, and release the remaining books to their next homes!🤎 We really are so very grateful and highly recommend working with Beth for all your organizational needs. You won’t regret it! It really is “just stuff”!

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Karrie H.

Beth is extremely professional and punctual. She has the highest quality of work and values perfection in her work ethic, integrity, and results (which is hard to find). She responded so quickly to my call. She was my Super Woman in a dire time of need. There is no way I could have done this without her! Her presence was not only comforting, but supportive, encouraging, and relaxing. I wish there was a way I could repay her for her effort and flexibility; She came through for me even though it was a last minute request, on both days. She made it happen, because she genuinely cares. Thank you Beth, for being you. Xx

Terri F.

Linna S.

Beth helped me tremendously before and after we moved from our old house to our newly remodeled house. She helped me declutter a ton of stuff that we no longer use and gave great suggestions as far as how and where to resell, donate, recycle these stuff. Beth was also very hands-on and effective at helping me transforming spaces in our household that were disorganized. She was very reasonable with how much she charged and was a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Beth!

Melissa D.

Beth was a huge help! She is very high energy and a self starter. She works hard so I felt like I was getting a good value. We were new to the area and she was full of recommendations and suggestions about the area. Thanks Beth!

Terri F.

Beth was irreplaceable for my complicated move. She was badass, smart, organized and great to work with. Highly recommend her!

Terri T.

Beth is a whirlwind of organization; she is fast, efficient and highly creative in her organizing solutions. If you are moving she will make packing and unpacking pleasant. If you have too much stuff she will help you pare down. If your stuff is disorganized she will find an organizing solution. I have worked with Beth for over 5 years and I highly recommend her!

Ling R.

This was a great experience! I just moved into a new home which is much smaller than my previous home. I was overwhelmed with all the boxes and Beth came in and got right to work. She’s very good at seeing where things should go and we were able to find the perfect spot for everything that I decided to keep. Thanks again Beth for your help!

Judy M.

It's Just Stuff Team was outstanding! They were on time, extremely fast yet thorough and very alert to seeing outside the box on items they worked on. Very detailed oriented and had suggestions on new ideas to try. i had ideas they expanded on and the final product was just perfect for what i had envisioned.

Jo T.

Beth had a vision for how my move could best be accomplished in the shortest amount of time. It worked! She listened to my ideas, yet her tweaks came from years of her experience. This created a faster and smoother move. She is very detailed and nothing gets left behind. So worth it to have her in charge!!!

Janell C.

Beth does a wonderful job and can accomplish more in a few hours than I could in weeks! She’s very efficient with the time she has.

RyanPolly L.

They are very kind, work well and very fair priced! Thank you for your work!

Adam K.

Bethe's no-nonsense approach made it easy for my clients to decluttering and sell their home for more than the value in the neighborhood. My clients had a LOT of extra "materials" around their home and Beth allowed them methodically evaluate each item room by room. Highly recommend!

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I truly appreciate your hard work, coupled with your compassion. Your understanding of the emotional toll skimming down was greatly appreciated.

I am committed to not filling up all of the space we created!

home organizer, mover

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