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🎙️Mavericks of Senior Living Podcast

Beth discusses her senior downsizing and organizing business It's Just Stuff which helps older adults transition their belongings when moving to smaller living spaces. She outlines the emotional and logistical challenges seniors face during this process and explains why her compassionate approach is so critical. Beth argues that society should view these services as necessities, not luxuries. She offers tips for how seniors can start the downsizing process themselves in small, manageable chunks.

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Interview with Cory Nickerson of 8z Real Estate

As the compassionate founder of It's Just Stuff, Beth Blacker provides senior downsizing and move management services, helping older adults transition into their next chapter with grace. Sharing her background and vision to grow, Beth advocates for better resources to support seniors facing major life changes, emphasizing the emotional challenges many experience when rightsizing their lifelong possessions.

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The I Speak Organized Podcast

Professional organizers Melanie Summers and Beth Blacker have an insightful discussion around the importance of decluttering and downsizing, especially during major life transitions. They share tips for helping clients overcome emotional attachments to possessions, address challenges like hoarding behaviors, and emphasize the need for compassionate, judgment-free guidance during such an overwhelming process.

I Speak Organized Podcast

More Coming Soon!

More captivating conversations coming your way as Beth collaborates with other influential professionals for insightful discussions. Be sure to revisit this page often to stay up to date as we share the latest podcast episodes where Beth lends her expertise on living one's best life.

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