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Kitchen Transformation
Preparing a House For Sale

As many people are preparing to list their homes for sale this summer, we have the honor and privilege of helping with a lot of the initial decluttering before staging and packing can even begin.


A recent client asked us to tackle several rooms in her home including the kitchen in a matter of 2 hours by one member of #TeamIJS.


Biggest tips and take aways?


-Always find the low hanging fruit first and in this case it was the stuff on the floors and counter. It gave us the ability to then dive into the cabinets and drawers and pull out what was going to be donated or thrown out.


-Immediately remove donations and trash from the space or your brain will continue to only see clutter and not a clearing.


-Make sure there is enough space in the cabinets and drawers to temporarily contain stuff on the counter that you use on a daily basis but don't want out for any Realtor showings.


-And don't forget about taking anything on your refrigerator (photos, magnets, etc.) off the surfaces as well as remove anything that has been collecting dust on top of the refrigerator or use a basket to "corral" everything for a more aesthetically appealing visual but still give you access to whatever you put inside it.

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