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Gabe Bodner - Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

About Gabe:

Gabe Bodner lives with his wife, Tamara, and 2 sons in Boulder, CO. Gabe has been a mortgage professional for 19 years and has experienced many different aspects of the mortgage lending industry as a mortgage banker, broker, sales manager, branch manager, and branch owner of a very successful net branch in Silicon Valley, CA. Today, Gabe is the Producing Branch Manager and Reverse Mortgage Planner in Boulder, CO. Additionally, Gabe is a part-time Adjunct Professor at CU Boulder Leeds Real Estate School.

Gabe takes pride in assisting his customers with their home financing needs by evaluating their goals, time horizons, and risk tolerances to educate them and make recommendations on how to best structure their mortgage financing needs. Gabe has worked with first-time buyers, investors, flippers, developers, and everyone in between. Gabe’s specialty however is serving seniors. As a reverse mortgage planner, Gabe helps seniors evaluate their income and cash flow needs in retirement. Gabe believes that the way retirement is done in our country today is broken and his goal is to help change the way retirement is done in this country. Gabe explains that by including home equity into one’s retirement planning strategy, his clients will not only improve cash flow but they can also pay less in taxes and leave a larger legacy for their heirs (this is based on current research from Dr. Wade Phau, Jamie Hopkins and Barry Sacks).

Gabe graduated from CU Leeds Business School in 1998 with a BS in Business Administration. While at CU, Gabe was also in the Army ROTC program and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant upon graduation and spent 4 years on Active Duty in the US Army and later spent 4 years in the Army Reserve. When Gabe is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, running, biking, hiking, camping, and almost anything outdoors. Gabe and his family moved to Colorado in the summer of 2016 after spending the prior 14 years in Silicon Valley CA where his 2 boys were born. Gabe is licensed as a mortgage originator in CO, CA, OR, WA, NV, and AZ.

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