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Jarrod Ferstl - FreedomFerst Collective

Phone: 303-335-7458

About Jarrod and FreedomFerst Collective

I am an avid skier/snowboarder. I love to backpack. I am passionate about our local community and enjoy serving those less fortunate than myself!

FreedomFerst Collective is a "Community Company". What does that mean? FreedomFerst is a for profit company that partners with local non-profit and grass root organizations who need capital to expand their missions. FreedomFerst Collective provides top of the line insurances for the citizens and companies across the US. The profits that we earn are strategically deployed into 3 different buckets.

1. Invested into a diversified portfolio of assets including; real estate, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and companies to increase its earning potential to help more people down the road.

2. Deployed directly into non-profits who have clearly shown a need for capital and have a plan to expand their effectiveness moving forward.

3. Put back into the FreedomFerst Collective to expand our own endeavors and impact for our mission.

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