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Practice Self Care with Jenna Zaffino

Today we’re joined by Jenna Zaffino to talk about self-care. As the leader of your life, it can be difficult to take self-care seriously. Whether you know it or not, your physical and mental health does have an effect on your day-to-day life.

Watch the video where IJS partner Brook Borup of My Clone Solution interviews Jenna Zaffino about the importance of self-care:

Getting Started with Self Care

First things first, to consider self-care you need to adopt the belief that your health, wellness, and energy is an asset of your wellness. When you put yourself at the end of the priority list, your productivity suffers. Take a moment to consider a scene in your life. Think about areas where you’re thriving- whether that be relaxing with your family or feeling happy in the sun. Identify what sparks joy in your life. Make a list. When you see these things recurring, you can identify a personalized ritual that translates to self-care.

Make sure these elements don’t depend on money, someone else, or any other dependant. Self-care comes from a truly happy place that we can create in any circumstances. Creating coping mechanisms that depend on an appointment or some other material factor means that a degree of your happiness is out of control. It’s important that your ritual can truly heal you at any given point.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Stretching Your Body

  • Taking a Hot Shower

  • Listening to Music

  • Taking a Walk

  • Journaling

  • Affirmations

Jenna’s definition of self-care is something that can be done easily, at no cost, and doesn’t require the help of someone else. It’s important to identify your own triggers for happiness so that any outside factors cannot interrupt your self-care practices. Creating rituals for a good workday, leaving work, celebrating, or coping with a day will help you maintain your energy. Understanding what you can to realign, recalibrate, and get out of funk will help you keep every day productive.

So, pull out a piece of paper and start creating your rituals! If you need help organizing anything along the way, contact My Clone Solution here to access professionals like Jenna Zaffino

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