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Jordan Babeon - Surround Us Services

Phone: 303-885-2773


About Jordan:

Jordan Pault Babeon is a tech entrepreneur born in software consulting. She founded her company, SurroundUs Services, in 2018 after struggling to find help organizing her digital photos following the birth of her twins (now five years old). She passionately believes that working Moms need more help, specifically when it comes to our growing digital lives. While all the new apps are great, knowing which to choose and getting them set up correctly with all of our legacy data is hard.

Jordan received her International MBA in 2009 from the University of Denver. She has over 15 years of software consulting experience in a variety of industries, including consulting, software, retail, manufacturing, and logistics, systems integration, construction, and hospitality. Jordan is a certified NetSuite ERP Consultant, Project Management Professional (PMP), and Photo Manager, as well as trained in Mastering Process Improvement by the Software Engineering Institute. She enjoys traveling, swimming, mountain climbing, and spending time with her friends and family.

Jordan has achieved success in her field, working for companies including Oracle, NetSuite, Miller Coors, and M.C. Dean.

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