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Small Kitchen? No Problem! Organize Any Small Kitchen

It's Just Stuff has been featured in a recent Redfin article! Be sure to read the article to get some great tips on organizing your kitchen .

There can never be too much space in the kitchen, especially when working with a small space. And when the clutter inevitably begins to accumulate, every inch of space needs to work twice as hard.

Fortunately, organizing a small kitchen doesn't need to be stressful. With a couple of clever tricks, you can organize a small kitchen with no trouble at all. To help you get your space back under control, we reached out to experts from Boulder, CO, all the way to Stittsville, ON, for their best organization tips and tricks to get the functional kitchen you’ve envisioned.

1) Maximize vertical space in your kitchen:

A great way to maximize space inside cabinets with tall shelves is to utilize stackable wire shelving to ensure you can store more items efficiently without wasting space. Using items such as command hooks and command caddies can give your cabinet doors or other vertical surfaces functionality to store items like measuring cups and spoons. - Stored Simply

2) Pare it down to the essentials

Keep only those items that you use regularly and ditch the rest. Skip gadgets like waffle makers, grapefruit knives, and 16 different sizes of whisks. They take up unnecessary space. Also, pare down on odd spices that you only use once in a blue moon. Contrary to popular opinion, spices do lose their flavor after a while, so keep only the items you use regularly. - Serene Transitions

3) Create over-the-sink storage

Using an over-the-sink dry rack not only makes space for your countertops, it also houses extra storage for your dishes. You can also use glass spice jars to organize a small kitchen to make it feel larger while also adding a decorative touch. - So-Neat

4) And don’t forget about under-the-sink storage options

Space under the kitchen sink is usually small and limited for cleaning/kitchen products, so it's essential to utilize the space to organize a small kitchen. I love adding a small basket (with removable strips) to the inside of the cabinet door to hold small trash bags, sponges, dishwashing packets, disposal cleaner packets, etc. - Simplify With Lex

5) Don’t waste space on gimmicks and gadgets

Don’t waste precious space on things you won’t use regularly. Cluttered cabinets and drawers can throw off your entire kitchen aesthetic. Keep only what you love and use fitted organizers to keep your cabinets and drawers streamlined and organized. - The Organized

6) Utilize the insides of cabinets and over-the-door storage

Having a small kitchen means optimizing your space and using the inside of cabinet and closet doors to give you more storage. Door-mounted or over-the-door storage is ideal for storing items such as food storage wraps (plastic, aluminum foil, parchment paper, etc.), spices, canned goods, or other small-scale items. Adding shelf inserts/racks also creates an additional level to store more kitchen items in your cabinets. - H.O.M.E. by Ali

7) Skip the decanting

If you’re tight on space, give yourself permission to skip decanting your cereal, herbs, spices, etc. Yes, decanted foods look gorgeous, but you need extra space to store the back stock of any food that didn’t fit into the pretty container. Keeping food in its original packaging saves time and space. - Minimize My Mess

8) Use Lazy Susans and shelf risers to organize your small kitchen

Lazy Susans and shelf risers can help you fully maximize your space. Lazy susans are great for oils/vinegar, spices, or medications - no more wondering what's in the back of that shelf, which often makes items hard to see and reach. Shelf risers are also great tools to organize a small kitchen since they can maximize your vertical space for stacking dishes and cups as well as pantry items. - Amazing Spaces Organizing

9) Create DIY hidden storage for your space

Make the most out of your space by using every inch of it, even the inside of your cabinet doors. DIY custom cabinet door storage can be used to hide your frequently used items, like cutting boards and spices, while also keeping within reach but out of sight and off your counters. - The No Rules Home

10) Double up to extend your cabinet storage

If your kitchen cabinets have fixed shelves that can't be customized to fit your plates, glasses, etc., try using shelf risers. Risers are a great way to get double-decker storage in a tiny space and go a long way to organize a small kitchen. - The Nimble Nest™

11) Group food items by category

Group food items together by category, using baskets or multi-purpose bins and labels. For example, you can group sauces, breakfast items, spices, and snacks, all in separate baskets or bins with corresponding labels. Labels are essential in promoting long-term consistency. - Organizing Genies

12) Add hooks on the inside of cabinet doors

The inside of any cabinet door is the perfect place to hang tiny hook screws. These can hold measuring cups or spoons. You can even line the inside with chalkboard paint and write in the sizes of each one. - Well Kept

13) Don't forget about the space behind cabinet doors

The space behind cabinet doors is prime real estate in a small kitchen. You can house pot and pan lids, spices, or cleaning supplies, and even oven mitts can find their permanent home by hanging them from a command hook behind a door closest to the stove. - The Happy Pad

14) Declutter single-use gadgets and tools

Clear up valuable space in your kitchen by decluttering single-use gadgets and tools. Examples include apple slicers, garlic peelers, or pizza scissors. Most of these single-use tools can be replaced by a good set of knives and learning how to use them safely. - i Dream of Simple

15) Find functional and affordable storage options

Use $1 plastic bins from the dollar store. Those plastic bins from the dollar store are fantastic items to organize a small kitchen. They are affordable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Use them in your pantry, for your under-sink organization, or cabinet organization; the possibilities are endless. - MLCS Cleaning

16) Create storage in hard-to-reach spaces

Maximize your storage options by customizing storage in those hard-to-reach spaces in your kitchen. Use pull-down shelving for upper cabinets, Lazy Susans for pull-out corner cabinets, or front-handle bins/baskets to contain items for easy access. - Susie’s Organization Solutions

17) Be a minimalist

Declutter all unnecessary kitchen items, like one-use appliances, and never shop for food in bulk. Keep your countertop as empty as possible for a calm and spacious look. - Pure by Jana

18) Think vertically

Most people consider only their cabinet space when storing kitchen items but being creative will give you tons of extra storage. Use risers inside cabinets to fit more dishes and pantry staples, add floating shelves to open walls for smaller items like measuring cups and spices, and add hooks to hang large pots and pans that take up too much cabinet space. - Organized Advantage

19) Use labels in your fridge

Keep a small fridge organized by labeling shelves (yes, label inside the refrigerator). This eliminates the temptation of shoving foods willy-nilly. If sections are labeled, everyone knows where to unpack groceries and put food away. No leftover gets left behind and there won’t be excess going to waste or rotting food stinking up the fridge. - All Set Organizing

20) Get creative with vertical storage

Use the full cupboard by adding an organizer to the inside of the cupboard door. Utilize the vertical space in cupboards by adding hooks and hanging pots, baking tools, etc, and use risers to make the most of the cupboard space, leaving nothing empty. - Popped Closet

21) Make the most out of your shelf space

You don't need expensive products to organize a small kitchen. Lazy Susans and shelf risers can help you to maximize your space fully. Lazy Susans are great for oils/vinegar, spices, medications, so no more wondering what's in the back of that shelf that's hard to reach and see. And shelf risers are great for stacking dishes and cups as well as pantry items. - Amazing Spaces Organizing

22) Make sure to take accurate measurements before buying your organizing supplies

In small kitchens, it’s important to utilize all available "real estate" wisely - think bins/baskets over the cabinets and under them, installing a glass rack, or use the backsplash to hang shelves or small baskets to "lift" any clutter off the counter. And don't forget about the inside of cabinet doors - there are so many products available that simply hang over the top of the cabinet so you don't need any tools to implement them. But make sure you measure the length, width, and depth for proper clearance. Not all cabinets are created equal so save yourself the hassle of having to return anything by planning in advance. - It's Just Stuff

23) Consider the shape of your dishes

Maximize your storage potential by opting for rectangular or square plates, baskets, and storage containers. When you’re short on cabinets and shelving storage, every inch counts, so it’s helpful to remember that round dishes and containers can quickly add up to a lot of wasted space. You’ll be amazed at how much space you have been wasting. - Organize You Happy

Originally published by Redfin

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