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Brook Borup - My Clone Solution



About Brook:

Process Project Manager helping Small Business Owners AUTOMATE and DELEGATE their way to a life outside of business.

How many "hats" do you wear in your business? Do you wish you could give away some of the "hats"? What would you invest your time in if you had the option to give away "hats"?

Welcome to My Clone Solution.

We have "heads" for your "hats" and yes these "heads" are available in a range of price points and specialties to fit just about any size or shape of hat.

Thank you for visiting my Linkedin Page! My team and I specialize in all the things that you hate doing as a business owner. We work primarily with business owners that are experienced in their business, but now want to "do business" better. This usually means developing a roadmap for upgrading customer experiences, branching out into online sales and coaching, and creating a team around them so the tedious tasks get completed by someone else leaving the owner to own their "superpower."

My SUPERPOWER is helping wide-eyed creative entrepreneurs to develop a plan to get more done in less time and management them through the process. It is our mission to bring our clients success in whatever form that takes. We do it with you so we can eventually do it for you.

Sounds Good Right?

Contact me today to learn what a Professional Project Manager can do to help you bring greater success to your business!

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