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One of a Kind Interior Design

Phone: 954-608-3263

About One of a Kind Interior Design

I love to help my clients fall in love with their spaces bringing the from cookie cutter to like no other. I enjoy lifting stress off their shoulders.

Designing for residential and commercial firms, my two most memorable projects were:

  • Managing the entire marble restoration of Denver’s Union Station

  • Helping a newly-widowed woman find peace and comfort in her home after suffering such a great loss

I am passionate about reflecting my client’s unique story and personality in their space, while giving them the confidence to follow their own design road. I am not a believer in chasing the latest trend that will be outdated in a year anyway. Seeing the surprise on my client’s face when I show them exciting design is possible even with kids and pets brings me so much joy!

In the very little “spare time” I have, I love dancing and singing karaoke with my amazing husband, two creative kids, and our two hyperactive dogs. We love doing crafts in our backyard and exploring Colorful Colorado!

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