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Patrick Baker - Prime of Life Tech

Phone: 720-319-7145


About Patrick:

I am Patrick Baker and I founded Prime of Life Tech to provide knowledgeable, patient, and trustworthy technical support and training for people who were born before computers, smartphones, and smart devices were a part of everyone’s daily life.

My life partner LeeAnn Langdon urged me to start my business after I helped several of her personal training clients — people at midlife and beyond — with technology problems. As started marketing and networking more, I realized that small businesses and senior care professionals don’t always have an IT person, department, or budget, yet they still need IT support.

Prime of Life Tech provides on-site and remote technical support for smartphones, tablets, computers, and more. I can troubleshoot and conduct minor repairs for your devices. I also offer training and support, so you can feel empowered to use your technology to its fullest potential.

I understand what’s it’s like to learn and adapt to new and changing technologies and all the jargon used to describe and use them. I can troubleshoot your technology issues. I can coach you on how to use your devices. Let me assist you with all of your technology needs.

I am a technologist, writer, and editor in the Denver metro area with 30 years of experience working in information technology. I have worked in financial services, transportation, and IT services.

More information about my skills and experience on LinkedIn. Please visit my blog for technology tips and more information.

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