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#WhatsOnYourMindWednesday : How To Have A Stress-Free Move From A Moving Company Insider

Welcome to It's Just Stuff's #whatsonyourmindwednesday guest blogs. Every week #TeamIJS is inviting one of our Preferred Partners to share what is on their minds as it relates to the services they provide and the connection to helping anyone struggling with organizing and executive functioning skills.

This week we invited Morgan Metcalf, the Director of Marketing and Operations for Pink Dot Moving to give us her professional insight into having a successful and organized move experience. We know not all moving companies are created equal, but trust us when we say that Pink Dot is special and we couldn't be more proud to consider them our go-to whenever our clients are seeking a truly professional team of dedicated, honest, transparent, hard-working movers. They made the decision to refer out any clients needing packing and unpacking help because they are smart enough to understand that it just isn't something they feel they can do as well as a company like IJS provides through our move management services.

Many of our clients end up hiring us last minute to provide unpacking assistance once they realize that the moving company they hired did an awful job packing on the front end. When we were introduced to Pink Dot right after Thanksgiving this past year, it was because they had, in fact, been hired last minute for a very time-sensitive move for a woman that was in desperate need. The story was one that our COCTC aka Chief of Chaos To Calm told in a blog that actually went somewhat viral due to the reasons behind the last minute move...she was being abused over and over by her husband and simply had enough. If you haven't read it, please do. Not only does it explain the unbelievable escape she had to make it in the middle of the night, but more importantly how her previous attempts to get help from law enforement completely failed.

Suffice it to say, IJS and Pink Dot, literally came to her rescue...and it was, as Humphrey Bogart said at the very end of the film classic Casablanca "the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

If you live in the Greater Denver/Boulder area, Pink Dot is THE MOVING COMPANY you should hire for any loading and unloading needs. And when you contact them, be sure to tell them It's Just Stuff said so. 😉


The most rewarding moves we complete are the ones where people can finally be set free from tough situations including domestic violence, unsafe living conditions, escaping from horrific neighbors, or the emotional task of cleaning out the home of a loved one who has passed.

You don’t have to share your story with us, but we love it when you do.

I’ve sat countless hours on the phones with customers who just need to get a cry out and have someone listen to them while they try to figure out their situation.

I don’t mind listening. I find it rewarding to be the one you are comfortable opening up to and being able to be a small part of setting you free. As an owner of a company in this industry, I never know what I’m going to see or hear, but I have every opportunity to be the light in someone’s day.

The best feeling I experience on a regular basis?

It comes at the end of a long day after we helped someone move on from their turmoil.

Not every job has such a dramatic story. We see the divide of divorces, deciding who gets what, but we also see the combining of young love into their new home together. Some are just expanding to allow more room for their future family, and some are down-sizing to start the new journey as empty-nesters. In each job, we are granted the opportunity to hear someone’s story and be welcomed into their life.


While you are hoping for no surprises with your moving company, your movers are hoping for the same from you so the number one thing we ask...


The key to any successful move is both parties being completely prepared for moving day. This means not packing everything as the movers are working and hiring someone like Beth and her team at It's Just Stuff to assist you with de-cluttering, packing, and organizing. It also means your moving company has taken the proper steps to be assured they are prepared for the day with you as well. And please, provide a very detailed inventory of your home to the moving company in advance. There is nothing more daunting than showing up on a job with a 16ft truck and 2 movers to find out we actually need an extra 26ft truck and 2 extra hands. If you aren’t sure of your specific needs, ask for a walk-through. Even in the midst of the pandemic over the past year, we’re happy to accommodate this important step to make everyone’s lives easier.


As stressful as moving is, being part of the process is so important. Your movers want you to have the best experience and be able to look at your new home and be ready to tackle any project you may have next. Talking with the movers, pointing where things go, or having your paperwork for them in order helps both you and your movers have a positive experience.


Be up and ready, have your items organized in a manner to help speed things along, and let the movers get to work. They are good at what they do, and you can trust them. Having your internet provider, contractors or anyone else in your home with the movers on the same day is going to create more harm than good. Set aside one day for movers and coordinate your other items on your move in/out punch list around them. Otherwise, they get in each other’s way, and while we want them to complete their job, they want us to complete ours, but we cannot if we are stepping on each others toes figuratively and literally.


It isn't mandatory but they really worked hard to complete a job for you. You hired them for a task you cannot complete yourself for whatever reason and they put in a lot of long and back breaking hours every day, so give them a tip to show your appreciation. It doesn’t have to be money. Buy them lunch or, what the hell, give them a six pack of beer! Trust me, they will be very grateful for anything you do that goes beyond what they earn on an hourly basis.


If you feel at all uncomfortable with anything a moving company says before you hire them, DON'T! There are a lot of uninsured and unlicensed people claiming to be professional movers but do your homework and even if all of the reviews you read are positive, if you feel any hesitation at all then move on down the list. You may be tempted to go with the lowest bid but unfortunately that could end up being a "bait and switch" situation and ultimately costing you more.


Bottom line, we take so much pride in the service we know we provide and want every customer to walk away ready and willing to refer us time and again. Otherwise, what's the point?

Morgan graduated from CU Colorado Springs with a degree in Business Adminstration in 2020 and immediately transitioned to Director of Marketing and Operations for Pink Dot Moving to work with her husband, JT, while pursuing her Masters of Science in Project Management.


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