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Move Management

Getting ready to make a local or long distance move?

Need to downsize?

Dealing with a loved one's "stuff" who is transitioning to assisted living or after their death?


It's Just Stuff provides a much more efficient and organized method for getting your "stuff" from point A to point B and usually at a significantly lower cost than most moving companies.


There are some moving companies that do a good job with packing and unpacking, but the vast majority really don't have the organizing skills it really requires to make the experience easier for the client.


We can be there from the very beginning when you make the decision to move and are getting ready to list your home if you own it and need to do any... decluttering and/or staging

coordinate all of the various service providers to transfer any accounts you will be keeping (i.e. cable, internet, phone, electric, gas, water)

and will follow you all the way through to your new home to help get you settled as quickly as possible.

home organizer, mover

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