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Move Management

This customer moved from southern California to Boulder, CO in May of last year. We were able to unpack 70 boxes that filled her space from floor to ceiling. Around 20 of those boxes were donated and found new homes. It is important to keep in mind when you’re packing to keep items in categorized boxes so things don't scatter. 

Living in a cluttered space can cause our brains to subconsciously trigger a low grade of flight or fight response. Something that may seem “so simple” can cause physical and emotional distress to our bodies. If these boxes were organized before the move, it would have saved not only time but money.

At Its Just Stuff we move efficiently, and quickly and we take care of packing supplies and new bins. Our team members really do have a special eye for putting your place in its place! If you would like a change contact us here to book a FREE 30min consultation.

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