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#WhatsOnYourMindWednesday...Going Through 2021 on a "Lighter" Note

Welcome to #whatsonyourmindwednesday guest blogs. Every week #TeamIJS is inviting one of our Preferred Partners to share what is on their minds as it relates to the services they provide and the connection to helping anyone struggling with organizing and executive functioning skills. If you think you provide a related product and/or service and would like to be featured on our Partners & Resources page and/or write a guest blog in the future, please fill out the intake form by clicking HERE .

This week we invited Arezou Zafrashan, Founder of Dispatch Mom, an invaluable service for busy moms juggling the demands of family and work along Colorado's Front Range. It's Just Stuff is proud to be one of their preferred partners for home organizing and move management. More importantly, we want to honor Arezou as an incredibly dynamic woman who has been involved in several ventures, including the former Bold Betties, a women's empowerment and adventure organization which is how our "COCTC" (Chief of Chaos To Calm), Beth Blacker originally met Arezou during a canyoneering trip to Moab in April 2017. Yes, there is a good story about Beth hanging upside down while rappeling down one of those canyons. Suffice it to say there were a lot of expletives that echoed into the ears of innocent children, but it was a weekend that cemented the bond between these two entrepreneurs and, as Beth acknowledged in her inaugural blog when this website launched last month, Arezou has been an amazing mentor to Beth as she made her own entrepreneurial journey through the past few years.

We hope you find value in the content provided and if you have any questions or need help with any of your organizing pain points please do not hesitate to contact us .

I confess I am a hot mess!

My boy is doing remote learning which means I am his homeschool teacher.

I never wanted to be a teacher for a reason: I am not good at it!

Well, I am one now!

When I decided to develop Dispatch Mom I was still coaching other entrepreneurs but my "mom/family" duties were much more manageable before the pandemic. Like so many other women I suddenly found myself overwhelmed by all of the things I felt I could juggle with such ease pre-COVID, things like....

managing my professional and personal finances

constantly worrying about preparing dinner for my family

trying to keep my adorable but rambunctious dog, Dolce, healthy and active by scheduling routine walks which may, in fact, have been more for my physical and mental health

faced massive piles of laundry on a daily basis

and don't even get me started about my overgrown roots!

The list could go on and on.

So you can imagine that my house is messy...ALL...THE..TIME..these days.

I did a quick survey before writing this blog and realized the scope of the current clutter includes...

boxes piled up from Amazon

a very very messy office

paper everywhere

toys everywhere

my Handmaid's Tale Halloween costume hanging from the back of the dining room chair

and, last but not least, clothes that don't fit anymore because I basically eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when I am stressed.

All of this clutter?

It is making me even more stressed.

When I did a quick Google search on the dangers of clutter look what came up! I know that a business like It's Just Stuff understands all of these dangers and works so hard to help their clients overcome the burden of their own clutter, but when I went down the list and checked all that apply, it was incredibly eye-opening for me.

Seeing this infographic made me realize...I NEED TO DECLUTTER, NOW!

Let's face it, 2020 was a tough year. A global pandemic, remote learning, racial division, election anxiety, record unemployment, and VC funding for women basically gone. And while 2021 has been slightly better, I have to be quite honest, I do not want this nice "twelve more ways for your life to become more stressful" to follow me through the remainder of the year.



HELL TO THE NO!!! Okay but let's be real, do I really have the time to declutter?

The answer, again, is NO!

I have tried, I mean really, really tried.

I designated half a day every week to decluttering and organizing only to be "summoned" every 30 minutes by a little boy who needed help with everything from failed technology to snacks and numerous other things that drastically affect my own productivity.

So I started a plan of attack against all the loose paper, the creepy figurines, the overloaded coat-hanger, the bins full of frames, the rug that I can't put on the floor because it is so slippery which I am guaranteed to lose a limb if I fall on it.

Hear me out, everyone...I HAVE TRIED AND IT,,,HAS...NOT...WORKED.

I finally realized that I need to help from a professional. This whole idea of minimalism just isn't my jam and once I admitted it to myself I actually started to feel less stressed and have given myself permission to hire someone who actually loves decluttering and organizing. That is, of course, the ultimate reason I knew DispatchMom was a needed service for so many other busy moms.

Beth and her amazing team at It's Just Stuff are lifesavers. And we are so proud to partner with them as our primary home organizing company. We truly are blessed to be working with the best of the best. As a busy mom, I can totally trust that Beth gets me, she gets my needs and my constraints and she can help me declutter my mind by helping me declutter my house.

Okay, truth be told, because I am in the high-risk category, I can't have anyone come to my house during the pandemic but I can't wait for her to come over and help me lighten my load.

There is a very popular Ben Franklin quote that I know so many professional organizers preach, "For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned." So as a busy mom, if I can get even one hour back in my life, I am sooooooooooooo happy. And we all know, a happy mom means a happy family.

Whether you live in our service area or not, I hope you will take a look at some of the ways we are encouraging moms to keep their you know what together, and if you have any questions about any of our services feel free to CONTACT US.


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