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You Get What You Pay For...If You Pay Peanuts You Get Monkeys

I recently flew from CO to CA on the airline JSX out of a small regional airport much closer and a lot more convenient than dealing with Denver International Airport. As much as I love my adopted home here in CO, I am sorry to say that DIA is a bit of you know show most days. JSX is definitely more expensive but when I factored in the driving time, tolls, cost to park, TSA, and waiting time at the airport, it was well worth the extra my opinion.

The point is, I definitely got what I paid for and I was thrilled with the ease of arriving at the JSX terminal where you simply walk in, show them your boarding pass, and go through a metal detector but do not have to deal with emptying your water bottles, taking off your shoes, removing your laptop or any of the other hassles that just make getting to your gate sometimes so miserable that you wonder why you want to travel at all anymore.

JSX Terminal Burbank CA - what a pleasure!!!

So what does any of this have to do with being a professional organizer?

Well, like most things in life, you really do get what you pay for and if you do pay peanuts you will get monkeys especially when it comes to hiring a home organizer and/or move management service like It's Just Stuff. Whenever we are talking with prospective clients about pricing and we sense their hesitation we try to remind them that we are not a cleaning service or a moving company. While we provide those services to some degree for certain projects, that is not our focus.

If you need your house cleaned either on a regular basis or for a move-in/move-out job, we'll refer you to a cleaning service.

Our personal favorite here along the CO Front Range? Call Emmy !!!

I've mentioned this company many times in blogs and on social media and feel very strongly about how they show up for our clients.

I know the founder, Arezou Zarafshan, as a result of the summer I spent working at Camp Inc. Business Academy in 2016 and how I ultimately made the decision to move to CO.

She was a co-founder of another business at the time that helped mentor the kids that came to learn more about startups and entrepreneurship.

We bonded over a weekend we spent in Moab, a trip that was organized by her former business, Bold Betties. She has been not only a friend and business associate, but also a mentor ever since the canyoneering trip which I didn't know meant actually repelling and climbing canyon walls until the night before. We still laugh and cry when we think about how unprepared all of us were for that experience but despite thinking I was going to die that day hanging upside down on a rope about 100 feet over a canyon floor, I will forever be grateful that it brought me and Arezou together.

I know that Call Emmy may not be the cheapest service out there but, again, you get what you pay for and with Call Emmy, you really do get top-notch service. And no, I am not getting paid to say that. If you know me at all, you know that I am all about giving our clients the best resources out there.

And what about if you need someone to move the contents of your home???

We may be able to help you depending on what's involved but most of the time we refer large, long-distance, or complicated moves to either Move Mountains or Pink Dot. They are both extremely honest and trustworthy companies located in Boulder Valley but will travel to other parts of the Front Range. Move Mountains does long-distance and out-of-state moves so I highly recommend contacting them if you are getting ready for one.

Meanwhile, what sets us apart from more traditional cleaning and moving services?

We are much more intentional and deliberate, meaning we aren't going to just clean around piles of stuff...we attack those piles and create sustainable solutions for remaining organized. And when we pack clients for a move, we are always thinking about how to set them up for success on the other side when unpacking if we are not helping with that part of the moving process.

  • We listen to whatever issues and concerns are keeping you from organizing your home or preparing for a move.

  • We come with open hands, ears, eyes, hearts, and minds.

  • Remember, a deal isn't always a deal so be very careful if you do hire a service for less money because they may not have the true skills or expertise you really need.

Bottomline, we really do want to set you up for success whether you are staying in your current home or moving. And again, you really do get what you pay for and if you want and need more hand-holding and compassion for your particular situation then contact us for a FREE 30-minute virtual consult by clicking HERE

Be well, be safe and, always, BE KIND,


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