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#WhatsOnYourMindWednesday...It's Not Easy Being Green

Welcome to It's Just Stuff's #whatsonyourmindwednesday guest blogs. On the first Wednesday of every month #TeamIJS invites one of our Preferred Partners to share what is on their minds as it relates to the services they provide and the connection to helping anyone struggling with organizing and executive functioning skills as well as complementing our monthly theme.

This month, however, we decided that the #WOYMW blog needed to embrace our theme for July, Go Green in a slightly different way. The theme was introduced in my blog this past Sunday and I am so proud to say that on some level all of our partners are environmentally conscious and friendly. I mean, this is Colorado so it kind of comes with the territory. So this blog isn't written by one of our partners but it is still about one of them and why they should be "on your mind".

Be well, be kind and don't just go green..."BE GREEN",


COCTC aka Chief of Chaos To Calm

It's Not Easy Being Green

Kermit The Frog embraced his inner and outer green thing long ago. But for us humans, we are still really struggling with how to "go green" or "be green". I am, however, learning each and everyday ways to help save the planet from my little corner of the world.

And I encourage It's Just Stuff's clients to do the same.

I am always recommending products and services as well as tips for being greener should anyone ask. I just never imagined that recommending a bank would make the list...until I was recently introduced to Sunflower Bank thanks to a connection through the Boulder Chamber, an organization that I am especially proud to be affiliated with not only because of how much they do to help local businesses like mine but because of their genuine commitment for eco-friendly solutions to some of the issues we face as our region continues to grow at a rapid-fire pace.

Sunflower Bank is one of those places that you walk in and immediately feel like you are their most important and valued customer. They want to know who you are and what you are all about. Not kidding...I spent nearly 2 hours at the Downtown Boulder branch with the manager. She wanted to know my "story" and if there is one thing I am not bashful about it is telling my story.

I am also not bashful about asking others for their stories. And in this particular case, I learned so much about Sunflower's commitment to the communities that they serve. But they really had once we began to discuss ways they could actually help sponsor some IJS clients moving forward. Yep, they want to help IJS help cool is that? It's still a work in progress so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, upon leaving the meeting I was handed this little token of appreciation...

I mean, come on...that's a pretty clever promotional gift...a sunflower "grow" kit because, well, that is exactly what a banking relationship should be about..helping their clients grow and succeed right? That's what every business relationship should be in my opinion but I think Sunflower really does appear to put their money where their mouth is.

Now as much as I am about "being green" I do admit that in recent years I gave up on gardening or even having a few plants around the house. I didn't want the responsibility of taking care of any living thing other than myself and there are days that I am not so sure I do even that very well. 😜

My clients, though? I promise I do take really good care of them.

Anyway, I was admittedly apprehensive about taking the grow kit because I knew once I "planted the seeds" I would be sucked in and suddenly spending a Saturday afternoon at the local gardening center buying pots and soil and other plants to have on my patio once those seeds sprouted and needed replanting...

It took all of a few days for the sprouts to come up and the guilt that washed over me like a late afternoon Colorado summer "monsoon" was overwhelming, to say the least, and I did indeed spend this past Saturday afternoon debating what vegetables and herbs I should get. Yep, I am now the caretaker of not only a bunch of sunflowers but also two different types of tomatoes and basil, cilantro, and mint.

The sunflower sprouts are in the center of the pot and while it remains to be seen whether they do actually grow to full size, I am cautiously optimistic that this will be a successful endeavor...assuming I remember to water the planter on a regular enough basis. I have, like the good organizer that I am, set up a reminder on my phone but given how many weekends I will be away the rest of the summer there is, unfortunately, a chance they may wither under the intense heat from the Mile High sun exposure even if gone for only two days. But, hey, at least I can say I tried.

I have to give Sunflower the credit for inspiring me to rejuvenate what was once a rather prolific green thumb. More importantly, I hope we can inspire each other beyond a pot of flowers and look forward to the opportunities to work together to make being green, among the other things they are passionate about, a much easier experience for us all. If you live in any of the communities they serve in CO, TX, AZ, NM, KS, MO, WA or TX, I highly recommend you pay them a visit. And if you happen to be in the Boulder area and want to come by my apartment and water my plants on any given weekend this summer I along with my new "charges" would be very grateful. 😊✌

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