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Catherine Mathon - Opal Counseling Center

Phone: 720-507-6725

About Catherine and the Opal Counseling Center

We offer psychotherapy and coaching services to Gifted, twice exceptional and neurodivergent individuals and their families. We partner with horses in our work.

My passion as a Therapist is to help my clients connect with who they are, love themselves and help them find ways to be in the world without compromising their authentic self. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space where my clients can explore their internal experience, experiment how it feels to be authentic, and new behaviors. I use Animal Assisted, Mindfulness and somatic based approaches to help my clients cultivate playfulness and authenticity in their daily lives.

I invite you to begin this journey with me, so you and your child can feel supported, connected and fulfilled. Send me a message or call me today to set up a free 30 minutes free phone Consultation

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