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Tracy Malone - Narcissist Abuse Support

About Tracy

You fell in love. Your partner was charismatic, caring, and attentive. On your wedding day, you never dreamed life could be any better. It certainly never occurred to you that it could end in divorce.

Now you’re in the midst of a heated battle; your head spinning and your heartbroken, wondering where that person went. You’re discovering that you may have married someone with a narcissistic personality disorder.

All is not lost.

You can – and will – get through this. Tracy A. Malone, an internationally recognized expert on emotional abuse and narcissistic personality disorder, survival coach and founder of a Narcissistic Abuse Support website, has been there, along with countless others whose successes offer quick, enlightening glimpses into methods used to outlast the attempts at destruction, and flourish after the dust has settled.

Delve inside and uncover:

  • What to expect when divorcing a narcissist

  • Terminology like gaslighting, flying monkeys, narcissistic rage, and more

  • Insightful checklists that will help keep you on top of your game

  • An understanding of the unlimited masks that narcissists wear interchangeably

  • Words of wisdom to handle the crippling fear, how to tell your children, family and friends about the divorce without sounding crazy

  • How to hire the right lawyer so you don’t drain your bank account

Highly praised by experts in the field, this life-changing book is the ultimate guide for maneuvering through the minefield of a high-conflict divorce. Buckle up and hold on tight as Tracy guides you down the road to successfully divorcing a narcissist.

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