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Mitten Lowe - Journey to Wellness

Phone: 520-232-4693


About Mitten:

My name is Mitten (yes like the glove!) and I love everything health and wellness. For me wellness is a deeply balanced, peaceful, joyful and energetic state! I have a life long passion for understanding the human body, nutrition, anatomy, and digestion and I never want to stop learning more. I hold a degree is in biology and nutrition and I've developed an expansive knowledge base of nutrition, health, wellness and an intuitive approach to healing. I love to support others with healing foods, herbs, essential oils, emotional clearing and energy healing (sometimes we are just stuck!). I incorporate all of these as a way to shift energy, nourish the body and soul ,and support wellness.

I love to support others in their journey to wellness through food and meal planning, supplement recommendations, herbs, essential oils, homeopathy, visualizations, chakra cleansing, energy work, mantras, groups, and lots of personal follow up.

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