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Noah Goldstein - Heartseed Health

Phone: 720-432-7850


About Noah:

When life presents us with obstacles and challenges, it is important to have emotional and physical supports in place. By healing ourselves, we can align with our purpose while cultivating stronger partnerships, families, friendships and communities.

Noah struggled with depression as a teen and young adult. As a result he spent much time trying to understand the human condition and find effective ways of achieving a deep and lasting sense of wellbeing. Amidst years of exploring philosophy and religion, reading self-help and psychology books, and trying to understand how the human body works, he met an acupuncturist. This person led Noah on a transformative journey - using acupuncture, he opened him up to new and old facets of himself, exposed to him different ways of understanding reality and life, and helped rekindle the fire in his heart.

Later in life while in graduate school, Noah confronted severe anxiety and overwhelm. There he had first hand experience and appreciation for the tools available to him through Chinese medicine, herbs, and acupuncture. These experiences helped shape his path as a practitioner and led him to specialize in mental help, particularly supporting people struggling with anxiety and depression.

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